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Emile's complaint against Credit Step

Emile Cronje


Money stolen

Complaint against Credit Step

I was shopping around to see if taking a payday loan was something I would be interested in as I have fallen on hard times for the next month. I decided that I would be able to afford paying it back. Today I logged into my online banking only to find out that they have taken £59.80 out of my account. My rent is due this week and I now can't afford it. Which could have great consequences not just on my credit score but my kindle and obviously out a lot of unneeded stress on myself. I have not received anything from them and they haven't given me any service, so way steal the money out of my account. If this can't be resolved I will contact the financial ombudsman and I will do enquiries to find out of I can involve the police fraudulent squad. The bank has informed me that it would be easier to try and resolve it with the company, but they are willing to help if the stay unresponsive. How can you do business like this??

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