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David's complaint against Credit Step

David Wakefield

25/07/2016 took £59.80 from my account without authorisation

Complaint against Credit Step

on 11/7/16 took £59.80 from my account. They have taken my details whilst I was enquirying about a payday loan and apparently in the small print (the bank tells me it is very cleverly hidden) they say they can take this money. The bank (Santander) have told me that all they can do about it is put a block on the company from taking more money. Why would somebody who is obviously broke (why else would I need a payday loan) want to sign up to a social media reporting tool. Having spoken to Creditstep they have offered me £30 if I accept liability (no way). Looking at the other complaints about this company it would appear that this scam is common practice for them. They need to ba named and shamed.

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Sigourney Campbell | | VERIFIED

This has just happened to myself!! I am in shock I can not believe it! Now I will have to struggle even more so! Sly and unfair!

ross | | VERIFIED

yup, i just realised that i was also scammed by this company. did either of you try contacting your banks to attempt to resolve the matter.

Andrew James | | VERIFIED

Had exactly the same. These basxxxxs are robbing people left right and center and getting away with it. How is this allowed. Nothing more than THIEF'S
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