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gary's complaint against Credit Step



Creditstep taking money from my account without me signing up

Complaint against Credit Step

Apparently i have signed up to this membership from creditstep and have gone past the 14days cancellation period to receive my refund in full. I have never heard of this company let alone filling out my details with them and bank details.They have taken £59.80 from my account unauthorised but looking on reviews here am not the only person.What makes it worse is im not working and dont have money to waste.Previously i have looked for loans with direct lenders not brokers and have been declined.I make sure they are direct lenders as made mistake before in being charged around the same amount through loan companies and membership fees.Can anybody tell me which loan sites they have used in which this company has been linked to as there has been no other way in which they have taken money i have never been on there website.That company needs to be shut down and fast.Who in there right mind would search for loan for themselves but want a company todo the work for them and be charged for a service? surely if you looking for any loan you would not want to pay for a service thats requires a fee.Can anybody give me any details about them so i can take it further.I did phone them aswell for a refund and spoke to a arrogant shay smith who told me that as 14days had passed he didnt have to give anything back but as a goodwill pay £30 back into account within 1 to 5 days in which they did.I did take numerous calls to get through in first place mind you.Phone just kept ringing no answer machine and no onhold option either just phone being ignored.What ever loan site linking us all to this site should be investigated as clearly they are giving creditstep our details.We all need to do what we can to close them down as can see they doing it to many people and regularly and making alot of money through people who havnt got alot of money in first place.PLEASE CAN ANYBODY HELP WITH MORE INFO ETC? I want to get the rest of whats owed to me back.Its sad to see many of us have been caught out its very clever what they do.Lets all do what we can to get back whats ours how they still going still to this date is beyond me.JUST SPREAD THE WORD AND PASS ON DETAILS WHAT YOU KNOW TO AS MANY PEOPLE AS YOU CAN AND POST HERE!! Thankyou all for your time.......Regards Gary

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