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Craig's complaint against Credit Step

Craig Smith



Complaint against Credit Step

This 'company' disguise themselves as a pay day lender. Their set-up is actually quite clever in that you enter all your personal details, just as you would with any other pay day lender, and they quote you an offer. Once you have completed the application they will reveal themselves to be a 'company' that provides quotes for pay day loans akin to a credit score provider. In reality they have a basic set up website that does no more than a basic internet search for pay day loan companies. Once you have set up your 'account' they then proceed to debit your bank account (the details for which you have provided incorrectly believing you were applying for a pay day loan) to the tune of £60 a month, for the first three months, lord knows how much they will try to take after this initial period. I inadvertently signed up for this 'service' mid August. I immediately recognised something was amiss when it asked me to tick a box agreeing to a one off immediate payment of £59.80, which obviously I didn't. Straight away I checked my bank account, which was on 87p when I started my application. My balance was now showing -0.13p. This is when the alarm bells began to ring for real, I called my bank straight away and explained that I though I may have been duped into a scam, sure enough the gentleman I spoke to confirmed this 'company' had attempted to take £59.80 from my account. I went through the necessary process and put a block on them taking any funds. When I was paid at the end of the month I immediately transferred all but a couple of hundred pounds to my partners account to cover rent, bills and groceries. I thought I was home and dry but didn't want to take too much of a risk but left in the £200 to cover leisure direct debits and some spending money for when I was out at work. A couple of days later I noticed around £60 had gone missing from my available balance so withdrew the rest. The £60 was not fully processed though and went back into my balance a day or two later, job done by the bank I thought, I then proceeded to spend this £60, namely on my dogs booster jabs, leaving my account balance at just a few pounds. Then without warning these scammers managed to debit my account for the £59.80 which left my overdrawn. I have now incurred a charge from my bank. I have called my bank and given my foresight am confident I will be refunded in full. This is very embarrassing. I found myself in a bad financial situation mid August and foolishly mistook these scammers for a legitimate pay day loan company. I sent them an e-mail explaining that if I could afford to pay £59.80 for a 'service' like this then I wouldn't have been seeking a pay day loan. This was sent mid August when I initially signed up, naturally I have had no reply. I sympathise with you all. My advice is to not be embarrassed to tell your bank the full reasons for this happening to you, this is a very clever and devious scam that preys on extremely vulnerable people. They should be as understanding as my bank are. They should be able to stop the payments. Refuse to pay any overdraft charges. Open a new bank account if you have to. This 'company' will not stop attempting to take money from your account.

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