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Kevin's complaint against Credit Step

Kevin Hendry


Taken a large sum of money from my bank account - and I've never knowingly used them!!!

Complaint against Credit Step

I have never knowingly used Credit Step, I recently applied for a loan through another lender and clearly, somehow, this 3rd party has acquired my bank details and helped themselves to £60 of unauthorised money directly from my account. I hadn't even heard of the company until now. I work hard for my modest wages and need them to live, I don't have the money handy and this is downright theft. I also noticed that they credited my account 17p yesterday and took it back again so they've been active in my back account without permission for 2 days now. Completely unacceptable. I demand my money back right now, as in right now. It's mine, I earned it, I need it and I intend to take this up with the bank and any other relevant legal/governing bodies.

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