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Complaint against Adrian Flux

I have just paid a deposit on a car insurance via Chartwell which i believe is with Adrian Flux(i have a ref no of 09580699)I have phoned twice on 03443814595 which was on the confirmation e email to rectify mistakes on the policy.The first time i was on for 13 minutes before being cut off with no resolution and the 2nd time i waited for 12 minutes with adverts and music and no answer(these calsl which i am paying extra for by the way!!)The deposit of £39.00 has been taken but i can't resolve the errors on your contract(errors which i must add are not of my making,therefore if i don't get a call back within a couple of hours i will cancel the deposit via my bank and cancel the contract,i think the service has been disgusting, i would'nt have expected this treatment from such a company.

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