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Debbie 's complaint against Adrian Flux

Debbie Moseley


Black box issues

Complaint against Adrian Flux

Inaccurate recording of black box speeding episodes which are untrue and incorrect! I’ve been out on several occasions with my daughter driving watching speed limits observing her speed and next day got speeding alerts! Have explained they must have roads speeds down wrong they said it was up to us to prove this but we have no way of proving this and they’re the ones with the technology! We were on a national speed limit zone where the maximum you can safely drive is between 20-30 due to the nature of the road and they had Her down as speeding ! Another occasion we just turned into a 40 zone from sitting in traffic and was told we were well inexcess of speed limit but couldn’t tell us what speed I explained we just turned into it and as soon as got to 40 she put cruise control on and they said we well in excess which 100% didn’t happen you’d have trouble getting to a higher speed in such a short time anyway so I pushed this they looked further into it and eventually said we can see you were in standing traffic and moved off into the 40 zone this is why it’s recorded a speeding Episode but haven’t removed the alert ! There are various roads around us they have down as 20 but they are 30 and it is causing an unbelievably large amount of stress my daughter now won’t drive the car because one more alert and she has the policy taken away but she had been sticking to the limits we are at a loss of what to do ! If we cancel the policy I’ll lose almost £2000!!! In one breath they say they’re confident of their technology and in the next they’re offering a ridiculous explanation for why they said we were speeding ! I have to call this company daily and I cannot carry on we cannot drive this car now and my daughter is extremely upset about not driving her new car

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