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Sharon's complaint against Adrian Flux

Sharon Davies



Complaint against Adrian Flux

My daughter has only just passed her test and fitted her black box as directed and watched videos ensuring she fitted it properly. However within the month the box has come off and now they have been sending threatening text messages saying her insurance is at risk of being cancelled. Now they have made her purchase a kit to stick the box back to the windscreen (they have said it wasn’t fitted properly the first time ) now this time we should film this process when fitting it so that if it does come off we have proof it was fitted properly. Funny how they didn’t say that the first time so be warned film it all and provide them with the proof they need before hand if I had seen these reviews before purchasing the insurance I would never had gone with them. Time will tell for the new kit !!!!

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Janet Sturgess | | VERIFIED

Totally agree. Cancelled my 17yr olds policy because he changed his job !! Paid 1600 in Aug will only give him £600. Offered new insurance for £2000. Disgraceful. Poor lad got of his backside and found a new job in warehouse as he couldn’t work in hospitality anymore due to covid and this is how they treat him. AVOID. You have been warned !!

Janet Sturgess | | VERIFIED

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