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Kaz's complaint against Payatrader

Kaz Stevens



Complaint against Payatrader

Diabolical - I have had an account with these people for many years. You would think that giving a company business for years and never failing to pay them money due, would earn you some respect and that you could trust them, but not so. Today my account was suspended as they claimed that a direct debit was not set up on my account - I have lost business today and a good client as I was unable to process a payment for service. I am made to look like an amateur because of this unwarranted suspension. I sent them an email proving that I had set up the direct debit only to find that despite telling them I had changed banks and their paying settlements into my new bank account since last year, that they had changed the direct debit instructions to debit from my old bank account instead, the fault was on their part and not mine. They had the audacity to accuse me of threatening them when all I said was that I would be taking the matter further come Monday, as I was incensed at having my business and income held to ransom over a direct debit. They claimed that they had tried to phone me without success - no phone calls came from them and they failed to email me, and they know I always respond to emails immediately. But they were quick enough to email me to tell me that my terminal had been suspended and that if I tried to process payments trough it they would be refused, adding insult to injury. I am far from happy and I can only advise you to steer clear unless you don't mind your business, your professional reputation and your income being held to ransom and incurring losses you can ill afford, as is so in my case. Not happy and this isn't the first time I have had disruption to my services and I wasn't compensated on all such occasions. Not happy. I cannot abide professional incompetence and abuse of trust.

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