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£14.99 service charge even if you dont use it

Complaint against Credit Perfect

this company charges you £14.99 just to store the details and might give you a selection of services, only if these services accept you. In my case they didnt accept me, I left their website only to find out 1 month later i get charged 14.99 If I would use any service I wouldn't bother writing this as I would have received their service, but I didn't get anything from them why should I then pay for something I didn't even get. The worst is that I checked my mail today and seen an information mail stating about the £14.99, this should have been stated on the website, there should have been a box i tick to acknowledge the 14.99 charge ,but they are not transparent and only send you a mail , so for those who leave their website they would never know about the charge only when its to late im sure that is reason enough to seek compensation. Your company is not transparent, and the 14.99 should have received a box to tick just as you ask us to tick boxes for a third party or t&c simple

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