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Aurimas's complaint against Credit Perfect

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Complaint against Credit Perfect

I've got charged £19.99 for literally nothing and when I called and asked for a refund because I never used their service I was told that they WON'T do it. The reason why is because I "agreed" somewhere in their terms and conditions while looking for a quick loan. The best part is that I didn't even take a loan, nor I ever used their service. I was only looking around for loans in a case I need it, got redirected from one website to theirs and then got charged for that. I hope your company will burn to he|| for that. YOU CAN'T CHARGE PEOPLE IF THEY DO NOT USE YOUR SERVICE

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LetIt LewMac | | VERIFIED

/mike.ransom.9081?fref=nf&rc=p LISTEN UP FELLOW VICTIMS I'm the one Credit Perfect shouldn't of scammed. Above, we have a link to Mike Ransoms private FACEBOOK page (fill the link out, i only gave the /) If you have been a victim of Credit Perfect, make it heard on his facebook. This guy has been scamming thousands under multiple company names, Credit Guru, Credit Perfect and many others.
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