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Diane's complaint against Credit Perfect

Diane Rennie


Breaking the law

Complaint against Credit Perfect

I am totally disgusted as to why this company has taken £14.99 out of my bank account without my permission or consent. How did they get my details. Its aboit time they respong to peoples complaints. I want a refund or i will make sure thus goes to watch dog

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Mario Mario | | VERIFIED

They did the same to me. I had no chance to cancel because I did not received any e-mail from them. It,s like they just had my card details and charged me

chris tippet | | VERIFIED

Me too. Totally ripped off. They are very sly about hiding they fa t you're signing up to an I going service

Madman20 Munkin | | VERIFIED

I’ve just had it happen to me but for 19.99 I’ve never heard of this place before I’m contacting my bank as soon as they open I’m going to call fraud department it’s disgusting I’m disabled and I needed that £20 for some food this morning.
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