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michael's complaint against Credit Perfect

michael lee


[LAPSED] Credit perfect stole money from my account and caused me both severe duress and monetary issues.

Complaint against Credit Perfect

I entered my details onto a website looking for a loan i forget which but after i entered them and clicked next it took me to credit perfects website saying that i now had an account with them which would cost £14.99 a month, the website i was initially on said they were a direct lender and credit perfect was not mentioned in any of the small print or t&c's, i tried to log into my unwanted credit perfect account to cancel as they stated if cancelled within 14 days i would not be charged, as it told me my email address was invalid and would not allow me to log into this account i never wanted in the first place i emailed there support team explaining i never intended to sign up to their services and would like to cancel without charge as was stated on their site (this was on 23/6/17). On the 27/6/17 i finally received an email from them stating and i quote "Thank you for your email. We can confirm your membership has been cancelled as per your request and no future payments will be debited. NO FURTHER ACTION REQUIRED BY YOU. ....." So i had cancelled within the 14 day trial period and they confirmed to me i would not be charged, then two weeks later on 13/7/17 they take money from my account which caused me to be stuck in Liverpool with no way to get back home, i had to sleep rough on the streets for 4 days until i could get someone to lend me the extra money i needed to get home, it put my bank overdrawn and so far has cost me £16 in charges as i do not have an overdraft and as i am currently out of work i cant afford to put any money in so the longer they retain my money the more i will get charged by my bank. This is criminal as i never actually agreed to any of their terms of service in the first place, their company fraudulently used my details to open an account in my name and have not returned any of the money i never gave them permission to take in the first place, i cannot get through to anyone on the phone and they are yet to contact me back. what do i do about this? what can i do about this?

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Lapsed. michael has not responded in 90 days

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Thank you for your feedback. Please give the Credit Perfect team a call on 0345 222 0277 and we will be happy to help resolve your query. Kind regards The Credit Perfect Team
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