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Katie's complaint against Credit Perfect

Katie Taylor


[LAPSED] I want my money back!

Complaint against Credit Perfect

Seriously, how is this company getting away with doing this?! I've read countless complaints about how they have taken money from people banks without them even knowing and without their permission! Looked on my statement to find that they have took £160 all together off my and my 2 children. I'm a single working mother and I'm barely managing as it is and these idiots think they can just take money off us?? Been through the email process already and was told they are only willing the refund the last payment they took! Ridiculous. And to add insult to injury they said they needed me to give them my bank account detail to be able to put the money in!!!!! Erm, pretty sure they already have them! I will be taking this further and want nothing more to do with this absolute joke of a company!

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