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Complaint against Credit Perfect

Basically I was looking for an online loan for bad credit, couldn't get one, this website then came up advising we can find you one.(at this point I haven't had to accept or check any tick boxes). A loan was found advising payments would be 19.99 a month until the loan was paid off. Accepted, enter credit card details etc. And.... Nothing. 7 days later my bank called me asking if I've authorised this payment. Obviously not. As not received any loan. They gave me their number (by the way took a fair few attempts to get hold of them) they then stated the 19.99 a month was because they could "Find" me a loan provider... Haha what a joke total con merchants. Twice I've been hit by them in various guises hidden checkboxes on other loan applications. Fortunately for me I have a good Bank. Other vulnerable people don't. That's all they're hitting. Surely something has to be done to stop these crooks... Also their one contact number charges by the minute, cost me a few quid for the phone call to cancel something I hadn't even signed up to or agreed too. Oh, I also love all the fake reviews. Look at credit angel (also run by these who I've also had problems with). 80% of their 5 star reviews are staff or fake accounts. I. E. They rate 5 stars then other reviews on their page are based in Macclesfield.. I'm not a genius but it's so easy to see. I'm going out of my way to see that these get stopped. It's horrendous.. Credit angel has be doing this to people for over 3 years.. Surely something needs to be done. Glad I saw your post. Needs to come to the top of Google though.

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LetIt LewMac | | VERIFIED

/mike.ransom.9081?fref=nf&rc=p LISTEN UP FELLOW VICTIMS I'm the one Credit Perfect shouldn't of scammed. Above, we have a link to Mike Ransoms private FACEBOOK page (fill the link out, i only gave the /) If you have been a victim of Credit Perfect, make it heard on his facebook. This guy has been scamming thousands under multiple company names, Credit Guru, Credit Perfect and many others.
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