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Daniel's complaint against Credit Perfect

Daniel Harwood


Money taken from Bank Account

Complaint against Credit Perfect

I am sincerely concerned that Credit has withdrawn £19:99 from my Bank Account I want a full refund as it is not right that they take even though I couldn't get a loan from anyone they introduced me to! Didn't know that they would charge me for third party brokers Mr Daniel John Harwood

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Joanne Till | | VERIFIED

I am sick of credit perfect taking £19.99 out my bank will some one please explain why!!!!!

Sandijs Lapsa | | VERIFIED

The easiest way to make sure they don't withdrawn any more money is to order a new card.

Tracy Jane | | VERIFIED

Had the same thing last week. Emailed them & they refuse to return the money.

LetIt LewMac | | VERIFIED

/mike.ransom.9081?fref=nf&rc=p LISTEN UP FELLOW VICTIMS I'm the one Credit Perfect shouldn't of scammed. Above, we have a link to Mike Ransoms private FACEBOOK page (fill the link out, i only gave the /) If you have been a victim of Credit Perfect, make it heard on his facebook. This guy has been scamming thousands under multiple company names, Credit Guru, Credit Perfect and many others.


Did you get this sorted out? They've been robbing me for over 2 years without my consent or knowledge. I'm taking this to the FCA for sure, I want a full refund from these modern day pirates.

Dawn Mckenzie | | VERIFIED

Third time they have taken money out of my account I message them to cancel and no reply so looks like a trip to bank to cancel what a scam Ms McKenzie
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