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Tracey's complaint against Credit Perfect

Tracey Taggart


[LAPSED] Stole money frm my account

Complaint against Credit Perfect

Yous took 14.99 frm my account 2day, I don't no who u r I've never heard of yous until I googled yous after noticing you took money frm my account, I do not need or want any of your services, n the money you took frm my account was my direct debt money to which I'm now short of n will have 2 pay a late fee for due 2 yous taken money without my consent, I want my money back n2 my account asap or I will b phoning my bank n getn them 2 put me threw 2 their fraud people, yous r scammers n have no rite 2 take money out of people's accounts like that, so put it back n 2 my account wnite b4 i speak 2 the fraud people

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Thank you for your feedback. Please give the Credit Perfect team a call on 0345 222 0277 and we will be happy to help resolve your query. Kind regards The Credit Perfect Team
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