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Ron's complaint against Credit Perfect

Ron McNaught


Targeting the most vulnerable and making their circumstances worse.

Complaint against Credit Perfect

6 months ago I had to investigate access to credit. My credit rating I knew was poor. I have no recollection of this company, and no recollection of having received any correspondence acknowledging my consent to a regular payment. For the past 6 months £14.99 a month has been taken from my account. A total of £89.94. I have received an email from Credit Perfect advising me of the Financial Conduct Authority's guidelines and confirming the above facts. I contact them to asl why and was told I had agreed to the facts. I have requested repayment and been fobbed off - blaming me! I would like reimbursed £89.94: I want Credit Perfect to stop this practice: I want the companies involved in the practice of using a ticked box to indicate agreement to this contract to stop AND I want to congratulate the FCA for insisting that a six month's confirmation should be sent out to draw my attention to this ploy. This company relies on the vulnerable with poor credit histories, and only adding to their problems and stress.

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