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Moira's complaint against The Money Shield

Moira Dean


Extra Cash Boost and Money Shield same company!

Complaint against The Money Shield

I replied to complaints about 'Extra Cash Boost' for debiting my account 16 June 2106. I got a full refund when i threatened to go to the FCA. Yesterday, 13th July 2016, myself and others were debited again under the name of 'Money Shield' I got a full refund today after threatening to go to the FCA and Chamber of Commerce. But, something alerted me to check out the email from Extra Cash Boost and compare it to the email from 'Money Shield' and the format is exactly the same! So, despite saying they had cancelled my account, they have in fact just operated under a different name! it is a scam so change your bank card ASAP and alert your bank. Something not right here not leat because Extra Cash Boost website no longer available! wonder why that is?

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Moira Dean | | VERIFIED

Ihave received a reply from Money Shield, apparently they have recently undergone rebranding and were knows as Extra Cash Boost! here is some of my reply So, you claimed to have cancelled my account (that was fraudulently created) then with the swipe of a pen changed your name and used your old data base to set me up for another unlawful debit, but its ok because you 'rebranded'? The FCA will love this!
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