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Kevin's complaint against Credit Portal

Kevin Donovan


4 x £19.95 stolen from Lloyds bank account

Complaint against Credit Portal

Hi all Same story here, multiple payments taken over 4 days. Lloyds refunded, then they decided are genuine, because the Merchant played the banks game and provided a template containing our Debit Card and name & address and an IP Address which was in an area 200 miles away. The 'thief or scammer' claims we made applications 4 times for Credit File Online with ORCHARD LOANS, WOW CREDIT, AFFINITY CREDIT, CREDIT REPORT TODAY. All these are LTD companies, at Companies House. Guess what? All same registered address 20-22 Wenlock St London. All owned by same Director WILLIAM HUGH MCKIE. He has dissolved over 30 companies so he closes and opens new LTD companies to raid bank accounts, probably using Robots. All these LTD companies filed Dormant Company Accounts or Micro Entity Accounts which means they don't trade, or too small to report figures. Hey LLOYDS bank ignore all this, they side with them! Small Claims Court for Lloyds bank

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