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Karen's complaint against Credit Portal

Karen Sell


Credit Portal

Complaint against Credit Portal

This company has taken a total of £139.50 from my account. Somehow they have obtained my name, address, and debit card details. They take the payments against different merchant codes. Portal O, M, A, ML, C, P. for example I have spoken with Credit Portal 3 times now - it seems ever though you ring a 0203-298-5080 - or - 5084 you are answered by someone in the USA. Again today I called Credit Portal to confirm that my account had been cancelled - answer yes it had been cancelled and no more money would be taken. I asked for the phone number of the head office UK only to be told that they don't have a number and offered email for Corp Head Office. I have sent them an email and will copy this post to them. I cancelled my account on the 5th September with Credit Portal yet a payment had been setup on the 4th and the was taken on the 6th. The bank say as the company have all my details they would not win a dispute and therefor would be unable to get my payments back. I have cancelled future payments from my account with the bank and my debit card, the bank say this might stop any further payment,

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