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Debiting money from a count as they wish

Complaint against Credit Portal

I did not Give credit portal my account details and did never join or wish to, one day this company withdrew 19.95 pounds out of my account X6 in one day. And on other days since 01/17, some days twice some days once and up to six times in one day. This I NEVER authorised, who would???? When ever u call them you cant get through. Ive lost about 2-300 Pounds... Even if I did join ( which I didn't) they say your first month would be free and then 19.95 PR month. They say I joined in January it's now may, my maths tell me if I joined I should of only been debited for 4 months which would be 80 pound at most why and how have they got away with taken much much more, My bank are also saying I must of given them my card details so no refund????????? HELP how can I stop this and get my money back???

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