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John's complaint against Credit Portal

John Young



Complaint against Credit Portal

I had six debits taken from my bank account by Credit Portal within the space of twenty days. Each debit was for £19.95p. I had no idea where or why they took these debits as I had not signed up to them. I managed to speak to a representative on the phone and she told me that I would be reimbursed all monies within six days time.Obviously, this has not happened and I am now chasing them every day to get my money. Trouble is, when you phone, nobody answers. I cannot afford to have this much money just taken from my account without permission and would be grateful of any information I could use to retrieve my money. It has left me virtually penniless for the next week or so and I have had to go to family to borrow which I find to be very degrading in my eyes. Please help !

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John Young | | VERIFIED

I received my six payments in full on 26/04/2017 after sending them a letter to their main address saying I was not going to let this lie and will take it further if not reimbursed, it can be done.
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