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Jek P's complaint against Hastings Direct

Jek P Fong


Dreadful telephone customer service, if any

Complaint against Hastings Direct

I received an email reminder for a policy I have with HD. On line, I found another policy, also from HD, but cheaper, so I paid for the cheaper policy. As HD will automatically renew expiring policies (stated in the reminder email, unless they're advised) I tried to reply to the email reminder from HD to instruct not to renew, but got the usual "don't accept replies" message. I went onto HD website to try and use a form to send a message, but no such option available. I therefore had to call customer service number, waited nearly an hour, before answered. As I advised what I have done, the officer immediately cut me short, started telling me that, I should have contacted them when I had a cheaper quote for him to matched it, now I've created two loads of records which is overloading their system, thus caused him a big problem, which he now has to sort out!!! I was dumbfounded, I had not called, and waited for nearly an hour, only to be lectured by anyone, least of all, for issues caused due to their own office system maladministration, nor marketing policy, which I was neither made aware of nor am I really interested in. I asked to speak to his supervisor, he tried to put me off twice, but reluctantly agreed, put me on hold, then, as expected, my call was cut off. I am totally annoyed and dissatisfied by how I was treated, especially when I was only attempting to do what I was requested to do by HD Obviously, I have invoked a formal written complaint and request for the taped conversation to be perused to substantiate my allegations. I will certainly be actively seeking alternatives to insure my car and motorbike when my policies are due next year. Shameful despicable customer service, if any ...

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