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AWFUL SERVICE - shocking

Complaint against 118118 Money

The worst company to take loan from, the advisers working for this company are horrific, have no basic knowledge to assist you with queries, mislead you and lie to you, about how to request loan amounts - have no knowledge on how to deal or even recognise a complaint, no proper process in place, lack in what they advertise on mine, cannot explain the frustration of how incompetent the advisers are on front line, and how they lead you guide you to something which is incorrect and have that audacity to then tell you nothing can be done about the MISLEADING information one of their own agents provided you with. I feel absolutely gutted to have taken a loan with company, I will severely take caution, because I cannot express how difficult the advisers are, and how they have no knowledge on what they advise you, most unprofessional company for loans you could imagine.

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