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Carrie-Anne's complaint against The Money Club

Carrie-Anne Reid


Completely ripped off, disgusted and let down!

Complaint against The Money Club

On 27th July 2015 I was contacted by a sales person from The Money Club and offered a one off four week trial for £1. I told the woman I was bot interested as I can rarely afford to make any purchases over £100 anyway and that I shop at discount stores. She assured me that for £1 I could do the 4 week trial and then if I ever needed to make a purchase I could contact them and take out a membership then make savings. I specifically asked numerous times that at NO point would any more than £1 be taken from my account, in fact I asked so many times she started to get frustrated with me. She assured me vehemently that no other money would EVER be taken and if I wanted a membership I would need to contact them to take it out. Oh how she lied...... 4 weeks later £98 was taken from my account. I have phoned and written to them 3 times and received responses telling me I did not cancel within the initial 4 week period. As far as I was concerned there was nothing initial about it, it was a one off. Yes the pack they sent tells me different but I did not open it, why would I since I was told I did not have to do anything. They have refused to address any of my points regarding complete miss selling, being callously and purposely lied to and effectively stealing money from me. I will not rest until my money is refunded and my concern is also how many other vulnerable people are they doing this to?

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