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Andrea's complaint against The Money Club

Andrea Davies


Never heard of them, so how have they taken 20 off me

Complaint against The Money Club

I noticed 20 pounds missing from my bank today. When i printed off a mini statement i found out it was a direct debit and the money club are the people responsible for taking it. Now i don't know how they got my bank details for the DD to start nor do i want to use their services. How has this happened without me being aware it was going ahead? I'm not interested in saving money when I shop because i don't get enough money in the first place to be able to shop. I'm on jsa and would not agree to anything that costs me 20 pounds per month to "save" money i don't have to spend. They're not doing me any favours by providing this service i won't use and taking money off me for the privilege of being a member into a club that claims to save me money, but in fact causes me to spend more by charging me for the service i don't use. How would they be able to access my bank without me giving my details to anyone there?

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