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michael's complaint against The Money Club

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Complaint against The Money Club

so one day after a busy night shift at work i am commuting home when i recieve a call from a number not saved in my phone, it was "The Money Club" and a friendly but enthusiastic person was on the other end, here's me thinking oh that's refreshing a nice person this early in the morning. Anyway as the story goes the "nice person" on the other side of the line proceeds to read out to me a clearly wrote out dialouge so i just let her get on with it, now coming to the end of it all after asking me basically if i liked to breathe air and me saying yes, they asked if i would like a free trial membership which would be cancelled after the first month if i didn't get in contact with them explicitly stating that i wanted it to roll over and continue also that there would be no immediate charge. You see i was very particullar in asking as i realy wasn't interested in any of it all and i made that clear, nontheless we proceed, they then asked me for date of birth, sort code and account number, at this point my brain was screaming at me and i again made it fairly clear that i wasn't happy giving my details over the line without knowing exactly what they were to be used for, after exhausting the questions they eventually said that they're for a soft credit search to ensure that i am the person and that it is a valid account and again assured me strongly that there were no charges, so i relunctuntly gave away my soul essentially. A couple of days passed and i saw a direct debit on my bank account after logging in to my online banking and i was wondering to myself since i din't have any to any "money club" then i remembered that i had recieved a cold call from that company, after realising what had happened i immedietly called tand spoke to the reception, whom seemed all to used to this type of call as they were directing me as to what to do even before i finished talking nd giving a simple outline, there was no room for making a formal complaint. the "person" whom i spoke to on the phone from reception claimed tht she would send me an email with instructions for a refund then hang up immediatly. i waited around for a little whilst checking my emails and some reviews online, then it struck me since no email had come in 30 minutes, that "person" hasn't took my name or my email, i expediently phoned back and they weren't happy hearing my voice, i kindly reminded them that i had called about the refund and reminded her that she needed my email address to send me the email, after sorting out my details i waited a further 20 minutes before going through "The Money Club", finding the enquires/complaints email and sending a separate email to them quoting times i called and what it was about since they have a policy to record phone calls i used it against them, after sending this email a further 30 minutes passed and i still had no confirmation anywhere including in the junk mil folder, i called back and lo and behold they had just recieved the email and then they told me not to call back as i didn't need to take any further actions. I didn't feel easy with their promises anymore so i went back to the website and removed myself from the database, removed myself from their mailing list, cancelled the account for definite even though i was previously promised it had been cancelled and finally double checked my email for any coresspondence which still hadn't arrived. At his point i hope that anyone reading this or searching for a review to be warned unless they know exactly what they are signing up for.

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