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William's complaint against Finance 360

William Ferguson


Finance 360 Refund request still waiting for £89.50,

Complaint against Finance 360

Not sure how this came about, I applied for a loan from another company, and was shocked to find this company Finance 360 appear on my Bank Statement along side my original company. I immediately tried to contact them, but had a terrible time on the phone, they are the hardest company I have ever had the misfortune to come across to contact. I thunk that they hope by ignoring your calls, you will just give up and they win. I knew that if I didn't do something to contact them within 14 days they can keep your money and No Refunds will be given after this time period. I eventually got through and was promised a refund , but it would take 5-7 working days to appear on my Statement. This was in July, No money appeared, so determined to not let go, I phoned them once again waiting a whole 45 mins on hold till they answered me, again I was promised It would get Priority and be in my account within 5-7 Working days, but still NO REFUND. I again contacted them, and was told this time to send them an e-mail of complaint to their Support team, This I did Yesterday, but to date still no aknowledgement that they received my e-mail. I'm hoping Spokesman said, will get a response for me..

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Matt Anderson | | VERIFIED

They took 89.50 from me and I never signed up for thier services how do you go about getting a refund ?

William Ferguson | | VERIFIED

Happy to say I eventually got my money back, although it cost me many phone calls and loads of time waiting for them to answer my calls, I eventually spoke with them and was told their finance dept had had a problem? but they had released my money to my bank that same day, I checked and sure enough my money was in my account the next day. But please steer clear of this shady company. Avoid them.
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