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Zoe's complaint against Royal Sun Alliance

Zoe lavender


Absolutely disgusting behaviour

Complaint against Royal Sun Alliance

Absolutely disgusted with this company! I was rear ended on the 3rd January by one of your drivers whilst at traffic lights! After countless phone calls i still don't have a courtsy car and you still haven't authorized my car to be repaired because your trying to save 10% of the repair bill!!!! Disgusting!!! to be told my car is driveable because it passed its MOT does not mean its driveable! The sensors/rear bumper and electrics are damaged, Bumper was smashed off & the car is pulling slightly to the left, to be told this could of happened before the accident so your not sure if your going to cover it!!! to then have to have more emails sent over by the garage to say 'this damage has happened when the car was rear ended' OBVIOUSLY! Its a wheel alignment your arguing about!!! which should automatically be covered when any car is rear ended! All i want is my car back at it was before the accident and a courtesy car so I can get out and about!!! Not much to ask really!! My car has been sat in the garage since being collected last Tuesday night and still no courtesy car.... and more phone calls!! After looking at other reviews your obviously an insurance company to avoid and I will be giving people my honest opinion and reviewing you on every review site! Disgusting behavior and no moral conduct! Claim ref number CVR228062JF

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