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Neil's complaint against Mportal

Neil Brogan


Unauthorised payments being debited from my bank

Complaint against Mportal

Dear Sir/Madam, I am writing to complain as I have just noticed that Mportal has been debiting my account. There has been £19.95 debited from my account on each of the following dates; 27th March, 3rd April, 11th April, 20th April. This amounts to a total of £79.80 over the last 4 weeks and I am extremely unhappy at this as I have not agreed to any goods or services from your organisation. I strongly request that this money is refunded to my bank with immediate effect otherwise I will have no choice other than to take this further, including to the ombudsman if necessary. I await your response. Regards, Neil Brogan

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Neil Brogan | | VERIFIED

Good evening, I am extremely disappointed and unhappy that after 3 days, my complaint has yet to be answered. I want this sorted with IMMEDIATE effect.

Neil Brogan | | VERIFIED

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