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Miss's complaint against Goldman Reeves

Miss O'connor


Anti wrinkle cream ordered one received two ...

Complaint against Goldman Reeves

I saw advert for anti wrinkle cream on Facebook for a free trial." so I ordered one for the free trial supposedly.... they ( anti wrinkle company ) sent me two items.. Which they stated one doesn't work without the other remember I only ordered one trial free product ..... now I've got a debt recovery letter which I have never had in my life for £125.12 how does this happen the product I ordered was for a free trial they sent me two products opposed to one ...I contacted them and told them they are no good ..... I also sent them a letter explaining that these things was sold to me under false pretence it was supposed to be a free trial and I only was to pay for Post and packing and the next thing I know they're trying to go into my bank account take out over £100 + these people are Thieves and con merchant's I will fight this to the end trust me I'm taking legal advice today .... There is no way to contact you Goldman Reeves Ltd you're not answering the phone I suggest you look into these complaints because they're all based on the same thing I've read most of them somethings not right here ......?...people don't just pay because they're fool.... Not unless you Goldman reeves are part of the corruption .....

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susan | | VERIFIED

Ive had the same but different cream and they ripped me off last year and did take 100.00 pound out of my bank ended up getting 30.00 pound back instead of the full amount they said they would put back in my account and never been able to get hold of them i get a debt letter .there total fraudsters
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