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Joseph's complaint against XS Direct Insurance Brokers

Joseph Ikudaisi


dishonest and unreliable

Complaint against XS Direct Insurance Brokers

I bought a fully comprehensive insurance cover for my vehicle on the 2nd of February 2017, it was not until 8th Aug 2018 when i had an accident that the company failed to provide me a courtesy car despite it was included in my policy, 3 weeks later XS Direct admitted that yes i had the cover but was too late to provide me a replacement vehicle on the basis that i can only hire the vehicle for 21days and therefore because it had been 3 weeks since the accident they were not able to provide a courtesy car. the accident was a non fault and the third party had admit liability, therefore it would not affect my no claim bonus i was told and neither would i have to pay excess of £3000. now the company are demanding for excess fee of £180 and also demanding that i pay the remaining balance of the premium despite the insurance was cancelled as a result of not having a vehicle to use at the moment. been left to pay hundreds of pounds and also been threatened to be taking to a debt collector agency. please i would appreciate any help i can get.

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