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Anwar's complaint against XS Direct Insurance Brokers

Anwar Aslam


Excessive charges

Complaint against XS Direct Insurance Brokers

I had recently substituted my vehicle details via be wiser insurance whom advised me the vehicle I had changed to was almost £1000 increase To my policy. I find ludicrous and excessive, I asked as to why there was such a charge and they advised me that it was due to only just purchasing the vehicle so I was being charged this as I did not have experience driving this new vehicle. I cannot understand as to how such an excessive charge could be made as I was driving a vw golf gti 2.0 turbo 200 bhp insurance grouping 29 valued at £5000. I had researched the vehicle I replaced it with thoroughly a bmw 320 cd coupe diesel insurance group 29 and only 150 bhp valued at £2500. I have request a written explanation as to why and been told it is something to do with underwriting criteria and the responsibility of xs direct. I am requesting a full breakdown of how you have calculated the additional premium. I have checked alternative quotes and found I can insure the car for around £1469.69 with a £500 xs not £3000 as there is on this policy. None of my other details have changed since I took out the policy with your selves apart from a car that has less power, same grouping and a lower value, how can you justify such an increase unless you are being discriminatory in some way. I await your response with a full explanation and understanding criteria with a premium breakdown of how you came to the excessive charge. Sent from my iPad

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