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Sam's complaint against RM*urdf.uk



Unauthorized Transactions.

Complaint against RM*urdf.uk

Company known as RM^URDF.UK is a loan / credit checker company. The company will start with a free month trail, and begin to take payments. Without your knowledge. However, the company's website is private. So i am unable to access the website. I have contacted my local bank, and advised on the problem. I have now received the refund. However, they also informed me that i gave you all rights / permission to take these payments. In what way, have i given you permission with a legal document. To inform that you are allowed to take payments. I also tried to contact your company. - 08455650954 - and apparently. You will not give me any information regarding the problem. I have find the resolution around this, if this does happen once again. I will contact the police, and take this a little further.

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