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Anita's complaint against Just Retirement

Anita Harris


Unreasonable charges and penalties

Complaint against Just Retirement

I took out a £36,500 equity release loan in October 2009, by january 2012 it had escalated to £50,000 with charges and penalties as I moved from a 2 bedroom bungalow to a one bedroom flat. I part paid off some of this £50,000 and was left with a loan of £21,825 just retirement's summary of this advance as "(plus any fees and costs added)", where is the clarity of these fees and costs added, on top of this interest and a further early repayment charge of over £4000 the total outstanding to pay is just under £40,000. This is totally ridiculous and UNFAIR and UNJUST, it is daylight robbery considering after repaying the loan in my move £17200 was added as I moved to a smaller property. How can this be fair to any person!! I thought Financial Services revamped the whole charging structure of financial services products to make them more REASONABLE and FAIR!!! Well I cannot see where on earth these charges plus the high interest which they are charging is fair!!! They are earning money from the high interests they charge which I know we cannot do anything about, but these ambiguous charges that were NEVER explained, HIGHLIGHTED, or POINTED out from the sale to now is totally NOT RIGHT! All the documentation say in regards to charges and penalties from JUST RETIREMENT is "there MAY be charges"!!! Now if that is not MISLEADING and MISREPRESENTATION of FACTS I dont know what!!! Please advise me how I can pursue this so that VULNERABLE people like myself get justice from these licensed LOAN SHARK companies!!! WHY IS THERE NOT A COMPANY OUT THERE WHO CAN INVESTIGATE THESE BAD PRACTICES in an environment I thought was suppose to be regulated to the hills with TRANSPARENCY!!!!

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