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Vytautas's complaint against Casumo

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Complaint against Casumo

I was playing on Casumo site last Friday 27/10/2017 and luck was on my side. I manage to withdraw over £60000 (biggest available withdraw at one time is £10000, so there were quite few). I continue playing and cancelled few of these withdraws while they pending. I left £25000 (3 withdraws in total) on pending and its easy to control as you get massage/notification when you withdraw or cancel. When I finished playing and switched off game massage/notification came on the screen asking for ID and Address verification. I know it is normal procedure, but just in case check my withdraw history and find out its been cancelled by Casumo. Still ok, as maybe they hold it till I proof my ID and Address. To my shock, while on chat with Casumo I find out , that my £25000 withdraws not just been cancelled, but without my knowledge or any massages/notifications been put back in the game I was playing at the time. Fair enough, its big money to miss, but when you play £250 per spin and most winnings are between £10000 to £40000 per spin, my amount on game was up and down a lot. I did not see at any point extra money coming in my account and as I said there was no massages or notification about it. I been told by Casumo, that they cannot help as I lost my money, but I did left £25000 on pending withdraws and had no idea they cancelled and put back in my game, as they say.

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