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dominic's complaint against Ageas UK

dominic valente


a collision whilst i was stationary but 6 inches over a broke white line

Complaint against Ageas UK

explained that at aroad junction coming out of a supermarket I went to go but another car came from my left so I stopped.Looking to my right I saw a VW at speed turn toward me and collided with my front o/s air bag went off and my head was pushed into window. the driver that hit me admitted to doing 35mph in a 30mph road but said she had right of way. which I did not dispute only tthat she was still driving and did not slow or brake . I sent photographic evidense to them and to the ombudsman but ageas have said they would deal with it as a 50/50 but i was more to blame than the other driver,even though she hit me on my o/s with her o/s as she turned into me. I am really upset because they have put up my insurance by £150. as you can imagine I'm not happy . yours sincerely Tony Valente

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Ageas UK failed to resolve this complaint

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Steven Taylor | | VERIFIED

is there really a forum for discruntled ageas insurance customers? and do BBC watchdog really want to hear about my appalling service?

dominic valente | | VERIFIED

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