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Anita's complaint against Ageas UK

Anita Maistry


Discrimination against single parent

Complaint against Ageas UK

Shock!! Horror!' Disappointment on every level. My car has been sent to the garage to be repaired after an accident. It's the school holidays to ensure my last week as a teacher covers all priorities like the necessary appointments and spending memorable times with my children. I was promised a courtesy car but they above company has highlighted the small print. It states under Temporary replacement Car-Section 11: "We provide the replacement car so you can still get about whilst your car is being repaired. It may not be the same size, type or value of your own car." I have wasted the day, spent 9 hours arguing the small print and my stress level is at an all time high. I was offered a 3 door car that has not much space to transport a family nor get the family shopping in. I explained I cannot get about with my kids as the car does not have space for them. Ageas has informed me that they have stuck to the policy so cannot offer me anything else. The policy does not stipulate it has to be a Class A car yet they have informed Enterprise car this is all they will pay for. What am I meant to do with my children? I have dependents, as a responsible parent my priority is to spend time with them rather than leave them home alone so that I can fit the family shopping in the passenger seats. This is total discrimination towards meeting the needs of a family! We are booked to go away tomorrow-this was meant to be a bonding break with my children-it's tough enough being a single parent but trying my best to provide a relaxing break has resulted in me being highly stressed( something I needed time out from especially as a teacher now returning to work on Monday). I still don't have a car nor will Ageas take into consideration that keeping me mobile needs to include my children!! It seems like Ageas has no clue-their policy is vague and has no room to include dependents! It's a catch 22-either way I'm not mobile as the emphasis is on single provision!! This disturbs me as I'm sure I'm not the only single person with dependents who has been made to feel powerless to include their children. Policy like this need some clarity-there is nothing that states my replacement car has to a be a 'car suitable for a single person' whichever way this policy is interrupted that's precisely what it equates to.

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