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Colin's complaint against MotoNovo Finance

Colin Flannigan


realy bad and no interest

Complaint against MotoNovo Finance

Bought a car took it out over 4 years with motonovo. After 3 weeks I phoned motonovo as the company I bought car from had done none of the repairs promised and the service book was missing the list went on, I was promised motonovo would look into it but, nothing. After more than half way through term after spending a fortune on repairs I gave up and phoned to hand the car back.. Oh all is fine till, two lost shifts waiting on company coming to get the car, then the guy comes out goes over the car (which is now 12 year old) and gives me a list of things and cost for fixing of over £2200. I own under £1500. He then claims that a light comes on so he can not drive it away. How he was going to drive his car and that one, I have no idea. He then phones his office only to say there is no one there and they will pick up the car the next day. another lost shift and no one shows up. A week passes and I call them and I'm told they are on the case. It's now 7 weeks and I get a call saying I have to keep paying the car and I have to pay for them to lift the car as the tax and insurance has now ran out, even tho the police have told me It doesn't matter what the agreement says the car is now in motonovo's name and they are responsible. they are saying I will have to tax and insure the car again, even tho at the time the guy came to collect the car it was taxed and insured and I offered to deliver the car and I was told NO. And I will have to pay for the car to be up lifted. I am going down the legal rote tomorrow I will phone trading standards and I will make and appointment with a lawyer. Do not be fooled by them. I have read on other sites similar stories but, I am not a silly old person I am going to fight this all they way.

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Simon Leslie | | VERIFIED

They don’t care less about their customers
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