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Luke's complaint against Performance Direct

Luke McKee


Horrible company to deal with

Complaint against Performance Direct

Horrible company to deal with. I hope I never have to claim as I'm sure it would be an absolute nightmare. I think their main problem is their call centre. I even have a call recording of one of the advisors lying to me. I tried to get my insurance sorted near the end of the day and got it paid for etc, then was being transferred through to their legal department to listen to the policy wording which is a requirement before the insurance is valid. Ended up losing signal while I was on hold so the line dropped, and when I phoned back they were closed... Fair enough, waited until the next day. Spoke to an advisor and gave him my details and asked for a call back from the legal department for the completion of the policy. The advisor seemed very distracted throughout and I got placed on hold without him actually saying why. Now comes another terrible point about this company/call centre... Whilst you're on hold, you have to press 1 to keep holding anywhere from every 1 to 4 minutes, or it cuts you off. As I did not ask the advisor to put me on hold and he did not tell me he was going to do this, I decided to hang up and phone back and hopefully get someone a little more competent who would arrange the call back. But what-do-you-know... I got the same advisor again, quite a recognisable voice and the same name. I asked him why he put me on hold without saying anything and he lied and said he has never spoken to me before. This is the gold that I have recorded, and other potential customers can judge for themselves, as I shall be uploading it to YouTube and other forms of social media in the coming days to name and shame this shambles of a company. I already gave a manager in the call centre the opportunity to deal with my complaint but I never heard anything back disappointingly, which is why I'm here on A Spokesman Said. As well as this happening, when I sent them my No Claims Bonus proof from my previous insurer, there was no acknowledgment, and then a 'final demand' style email later saying I still hadn't provided it. I phoned the dreaded call centre again to ask what the issue was as I had already provided it and they said that I needed to provide either a 2018 renewal or proof letter. I said that's what I did, so the advisor put me on hold again and came back saying 'oh yes that's fine'. So someone had made a mistake there.

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