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david's complaint against Equifax

david harkes


equifax have inaccurate info on me association and credit that is paid monthly not recognized

Complaint against Equifax

The bank stopped my credit whilst i was on holiday based on missleading info associating me with my exwife who has even changed her name since our divorce in 2001.. The bank has even given me a credit card that is not on my equifax report for the last eight+ years it is paid in full every month but i was forced to get the report whilst on holiday on public wifi and in a public place,(that wasnt secure enough for me to transfer money) give over all my private info to get a report that looked 10 years out of date.. RBS were looking into it and everyone is really sorry but this is my third holiday in a row that RBS have ruined and now a month later nothing i even took my divorce paper work to the bank 12+ years ago to prove we were seperated completely by the lawers unlike if i had badly dealt with debt 6years ago this is never going away for me but her changing names has left me high and dry with credit issues that no one is interested in resolving.

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