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Carolyn Smith


Scores matter

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In July of this year I attempted to find out what my credit score was,it came back good which pleased me, I then tried to do the same for my husband was unsuccessful. I was informed that asking for my credit score was FREE but I have found that you are charging me and this month you have taken two payments one after the other. I have asked several times to be removed and taken off your e.mail list, I have now asked the bank to sort this and stop all payments, and try to retrieve my money back.If you say that this was not free why say that it is in your advert

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Hi Carolyn, thank you for contacting us. In order to help with your enquiry, could you please provide the following information, First and last name, physical address, email address and date of birth. Please email this information privately to [email protected] OR call 0808 189 3005 available Mon-Fri 8am until 5:30pm.
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