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michael's complaint against Scores Matter

michael withers


[LAPSED] been charged £19.95

Complaint against Scores Matter

hi, i have been charged with the ammount of £19.95 and i am confused as to why, maybe i have signed up by mistake, i can't remember. I am on benefits at the moment and stuggling really badly with cash, a refunt would be really nice please and i would appreciate it, sorry for this mistake, my account has been cancelled. Thanks

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Lapsed. michael has not responded in 90 days

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Taffy Pfupajena | | VERIFIED

Hi, we apologise for the delay in responding. We have only gained access to respond recently on here. Thank you for contacting us. In order to help with your enquiry, could you please provide the following information First and last name, physical address , email address and date of birth. Please email this information to [email protected] and we will be able to help. Thank you
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