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Sarah's complaint against Scores Matter

Sarah Jeeves


[RESPONDED] Money taken fraudently

Complaint against Scores Matter

I checked my bank account last month. I found that this company has been taking £14.95 per month for the last 8 months. These were done as a visa purchase. We called and tried to cancel but there was no luck. We didn't sign up for this and therefore we don't even know if they have mine or my partners details. We changed our bank card when we were aware of this fraud but the payment came out again. April 5th £14.95 May 5th £14.95 Jun 5th £14.95 July 5th £14.95 Aug 11th £14.95 Sep 5th £14.95 Oct 6th £14.95 Nov 5th £14.95 TOTAL OWED BACK £119.60 That's nearly £120 taken from our account with no express permission and from taking a look on here it's not just us this has happened to. I will also be contacting the bank as i have had 2 new bank cards (due to loss / damage) since April and still they are allowed to take the money. If anybody else out there has the same problem, the payments come up as Visa purchase SCORESMATTER 08081893005 GB

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Taffy Pfupajena | | VERIFIED

Hi Sarah Jeeves, thank you for contacting us. In order to help with your enquiry, could you please provide the following information First and last name, physical address, email address and date of birth. Please email this information to [email protected] and we will be able to help.( Please state in the email you came from Aspokesmansaid platform) Thank you

Nicole Hartley | | VERIFIED

They have taken money from my account, I have had no dealings with this company, i dont know who they are and I have had to block them and block my card to prevent them from taking more. I have not consented to them being passed my information, and I would recommend everyone on here report this company to the FCA if they dont respond to you. You can find the FCAs info online
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