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Complaint against Scores Matter

I was contacted by a company stating that I have been approved for a loan i applied for. But this company stated that I must sign up for score matters before my loan can be processed by an underwriter. The funny thing is that I got an airy feeling this could be a scam after I opted into the scheme only to notice that they ask the weirdest questions. Ok to verify ur details they require debit card info. Ok that’s normal especially after I stressed that I was not interested in signing up with this company. Going through the questions I came across a request for credit card details. Now I know that all credit cards have 16 digits like any other debit card but in this case there was only space for 12 digits (alarm bells) I choose not to continue and went to the affordability section instead. Answered a few questions there before again another strange request. But this time for my bank personal ID number and the password so they can access my account to view transactions for the past 90 days. Now becoming very suspicious of this who does such a thing when not even my bank would ask for such info. But yet I meant to tell this random company my details. Hopefully I can block or cancel the thing today as I ain’t no fool. I will be calling the company who called stating I had an approved loan amount and will quiz them as to why they are trying to fraud customers. I don’t know how they got good reviews as they are the biggest scammers from what I can tell. I will be back to get a refund with immediate effect. It’s xmas and no company is going to ruin my festive period. Imagine my bank Id and password. So they can transfer money too and from my account without me knowing about it. Fat chance as my bank is heavily passworded so no transactions will be taken from my account unless they have an inside man. It’s disgusting and the FCA need to crack down on the asap

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