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Nicole's complaint against Scores Matter

Nicole Hartley


[RESPONDED] Taken money from my account without consent

Complaint against Scores Matter

They have taken money from my account, I have had no dealings with this company, i dont know who they are and I have had to block them and block my card to prevent them from taking more. I have not consented to them being passed my information, and I would recommend everyone on here report this company to the FCA if they dont respond to you. You can find the FCAs info online

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Taffy Pfupajena | | VERIFIED

Hi Nicole, thank you for contacting us. Sorry to hear of your negative experience. For an account to be created, our online registration form would have needed to be filled out and the terms and conditions of our program accepted. Please send us a PRIVATE email and include your First and last name, physical address, email address and date of birth or you can call us @ 0808 189 3005 Mon-Fri.

Nicole Hartley | | VERIFIED

I won’t contact you with ANY information- I told your agent on the phone when I spoke to them- I did NOT fill in any forms for you to have my information, and certainly didn’t consent to you taking money from my account. I had dealings with loan providers, none of which I ended up getting loans from, and I NEVER visited your site! So how I completed a form!

Nicole Hartley | | VERIFIED

Is beyond me! I know I got a ‘free trial’ offer from you after speaking to your agent, but I NEVER consent to them as I work in the Law and I KNOW how they work! He agreed to refund me and did so- I want nothing more with your company, and I posted my review so everyone does the same and reports you!

Taffy Pfupajena | | VERIFIED

hi Nicole, All memberships require members consent to sign up & members need to input their personal & bank details.However please dont worry as our company is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, and comply with the most recent GDPR legislation. Please email your query to [email protected] or Call 0808 189 3005 Mon-Fri 8am until 5.30pm & we will be able to help.

Nicole Hartley | | VERIFIED

How many times have I already said I didn’t but visit your website?! I know I inputted my data into a loan website and your ‘free trial’ popped up, and I clicked NO THANKS. That therefore revoked your rights to my data. I’m aware of the GDPR regulations and if I didn’t even know (as most on here don’t) that your company exists, how do you expect me to believe you have appropriate consent?!
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