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Sabina's complaint against Scores Matter

Sabina Mitrovska


[LAPSED] Taken my money give it back now

Complaint against Scores Matter

They taken money out of my account and I have not signed up to this website I'm fuming I want a refund of my money immedietly

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Lapsed. Sabina has not responded in 90 days

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Taffy Pfupajena | | VERIFIED

Hi Sabina, Thank you for contacting us. If you have an account with Scoresmatter please send us an email and include your First & last name, physical address, email address and date of birth so that we locate your account, explain your sign up and cancel for you. Email is: [email protected] We are available to call between 8 am and 5.30 pm at 0808 189 3005 Mon-Fri too.Thanks Scoresmatter

Sabina Mitrovska | | VERIFIED

I want my money back

Taffy Pfupajena | | VERIFIED

Good Morning Sabina, Thank for your reply but we need to confirm you have an account and that we charged you and we need your details to refund you if you do have an account. Contacting our customer service team is the quickest way to do this rather than leaving a review asking for a refund. They will be able to locate your account and refund you if one is found. Thanks. Scoresmatter.

Sabina Mitrovska | | VERIFIED

Mate you took money from my account without me giving out my details therefor you can fucking put it back in my account no!'?

Sabina Mitrovska | | VERIFIED

If I give you my details I'm concerned about another fraud/scam

Taffy Pfupajena | | VERIFIED

Good Afternoon, we are unable to take money out of an account without the card holder creating an account and giving us permission to do so. We would need you to atleast confirm your name and email address in order to find an account and as this is a public site you would need to do this over email. I am afraid this review site is not the place to do this. you need to contact us via email or call.

Taffy Pfupajena | | VERIFIED

On the call or via email we can explain your sign up (if you do have an account with us) and we can confirm if you are within our 30 day cancellation period for a 1 month refund of the first months charge. I am afraid you would need to call or email us. Or you can also log into your account if you are a customer and cancel your account yourself if you do not want to call or email us. Thanks
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