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Tina's complaint against Harlands

Tina Randall


Cancellation issues

Complaint against Harlands

I cancelled my membership with Energie fitness on 30 August. Once the September membership fee had gone through on 1 September, I cancelled the direct debit. I then received an email on 4 September from the manger at Energie telling me not to cancel the direct debit and to contact Harlands (which I thought I had already done). A few days later I received an email from a Harlands representative saying that I had cancelled my direct debit and would need to pay another £39.99. I was actually on holiday at the time so asked them if they could let me know why they thought I owed this money? I had already paid £39.99 in September. I only received an automated response stating that they were looking into my query. Then at the beginning of October, i received another email from Harlands with a letter attached saying that as i had not contacted them, i would be charged an admin fee of £20 and therefore, i would need to now pay them £59.99. I emailed them again straightaway and asked them to explain why they thought I owed them this money but again only received an automated response saying that they would look into my query. Today, i received another email explaining that they owed them membership fee for October and once I had paid that, my membership would be cancelled. I'm still waiting for them to explain to me why they think i owe this money. This is incredibly frustrating and i just want a response. Why, if i cancelled my member on 30 August AND paid the direct debit on 1 September AND never went back to Energie Fitness, do I owe a further fee? Thank you, regards, Tina

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