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Complaint against Go skippy

PLEASE READ — I had a collision in June this year (2018) and it was not my fault. I contacted GoSkippy/Eldon Insurance/Southern Rock and was finally told I would have to claim on my insurance while “investigations” were ongoing. I was not asked for my account of what happened, I was not asked to provide any evidence of the collision and how it happened - I was instead asked to pay the excess and claim on my insurance. I refused and complained about bot being asked to provide any evidence of my side of the story. Rather, “pay the excess and claim on your insurance”, was what I was told. My complaint was not upheld by GoSkippy, instead a sudden flurry of requests for information/evidence that should have been made in the first place now followed. A few weeks after filling in the forms and sending these back I got a call from a personal injury specialist from GoSkippy accusing me of being at fault. That’s right. My very own insurance company! GoSkippy!!! I calmly explained how the accident happened to her because it was evident she had not even read my case file. She said I should not have been waiting in the yellow box to turn right when the accident occurred. I explained to her I was not in a yellow box, and if I were, I would’ve been right to do so!! She stammered and stuttered when she realised she’d been caught out. She had one mission. To get me to accept whole or split liability over the phone. This lady proposed a 50/50 split liability resolution. I refused. I told her to put all her correspondence in writing. ALWAYS ASK FOR DETAILS IN WRITING AFTER SPEAKING TO ANY ORGANISATION ON THE PHONE. IF POSSIBLE DECLINE TO SPEAK, AND ASK FOR THE INFORMATION VIA EMAIL. The longer the paper trail the better. I got a letter back from this lady offering me 70/30 split in my favour. I still refused. She even threatened me with being saddled with court costs, but I don’t scare easily, especially when I know my rights, and know I am in the right. In her final response she stated I would have to wait for the police report before any progress could be made on who was to blame. Eventually my insurance with GoSkippy on my car lapsed; hence I had to get cover with another insurer. Would you believe that three days after taking cover with my new insurers I got a letter from them telling me that my previous insurers had changed the status of the accident on the CUE (Claims Underwriting Exchange) from ‘no fault’ to ‘my fault’. And they added a massive increase to the cost of my premiums. Of course, I complained. About a month after complaining the police sent over their report validating I was not at fault! I forwarded it to my current insurers . But this company is not like GoSkippy, they are not in it just for the money. They do exist to provide a service and they provided me with an email address to send all the evidence that proved I was not at fault for the accident. I sent them my no claims letter, police correspondence and the email from the dubious personal injury lady at GoSkippy. They immediately amended my policy and awarded me compensation. I have still not heard back from GoSkippy till date. I escalated the case to the Ombudsman but the last I heard is that they keep sending the Ombudsman information in the wrong format. It’s been 5 months (now October 2018) since the accident. I have since purchased a new car but the other sits in my driveway, unfit for driving due to the collision and a bleak reminder of the deliberate failure of GoSkippy to honour their side of a policy agreement I signed with them and paid for diligently over the course of a year. Avoid them. “Good at quotes”, Good at cheap prices” but If you pay for insurance and you don’t get insurance cover in the event of an accident that is not your fault- then -what are you paying for? Britain’s streets are becoming increasingly congested with crazy drivers, with bikers and cyclists eating up every last stretch of road. Every minute your chance of a no fault accident multiplies. AVOID GOSKIPPY. Watch this space for updates.

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